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Keloid scar removal

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Keloids scars arise soon after an injury or surgery and are firm, irregularly shaped, pink to red, itchy, irritated bumps that tend to gradually enlarge over time. Unlike scars, keloids do not regress over time. They may form on any part of the body, although they tend to be more common to occur on shoulders, chest, ears, and back. Individuals with darker skin are typically more predisposed to develop keloids. 


Keloids have a tendency to migrate into surrounding areas that weren’t previously injured or operated on. Even minor injuries can trigger keloids.


At Lumi Medispa to achieve optimum results, we will provide you with an individualised treatment plan that's tailored to the extent and location of the scar.

The procedure typically takes approximately 15 minutes. Improvement can be seen within the first 3-4 weeks or even earlier depending on the individual. 

Prices start from $380

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